The balloon is operated under the Federal Aviation Regulations. The system is inspected every year or 100 hours of flying time by a certified FAA inspector. The Pilot is licensed by the FAA as a Commercial Pilot. It  takes a crew of 4-6 people about 30 minutes to assemble & inflate a balloon, about the same time it takes to  deflate and pack up the system after a flight. This “Chase Crew” follows the balloon in flight to pack up the system and return everyone to the launch site.

How do you steer?

Balloons drift with the wind and at the same speed as the wind. Winds may change directions at different altitudes. By letting out some of the hot air or heating the air with the burners, the pilot may change the balloon altitude to go a different direction.

What Should I wear?

Wear casual attire proper for seasonal outdoor activities. Layer clothes for cooler flights, and waterproof footwear for morning flights-fields may be wet with dew. Pants and boots or shoes with good support are encouraged- shorts, dresses, sandals, and heels are not recommended.

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